The goal of THRIVE Noble County is simple: to support a sustainably thriving community. That doesn’t come so simple, though. To realize a thriving community takes a cohesive effort from residents, business and civic leaders, educators and youth, each individually and collectively passionately dedicated to improving Noble County’s way of life. THRIVE Noble County believes those improvements can be refined to five distinct arenas – our 5 Pillars.

The 5 Pillars – Leadership Development, Community Investment, Youth Engagement, Cultural Enhancement and Entrepreneurial Growth – are the areas THRIVE Noble County trusts will help improve the quality of life for the people, organizations and institutions of Noble County. With dedicated effort from all walks of the community to enhance, develop and engage Noble County, we can all thrive. What can you do to help Noble County THRIVE?

  • Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

    Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is a unique attraction that we are lucky enough to have in Noble County. The sanctuary provides refuge to displaced, captive-raised exotic animals for the rest of their lives, making Albion the new home to several types of animals. Keeping the sanctuary up and running, as you might imagine, takes a lot of work—hard work, according to executive director Lori Gagen. Black Pine has had an active […]

“With visits to Cromwell, Ligonier and Albion, the “5 TO THRIVE” team got me out of my geographical comfort zone and showed me the needs of county businesses and nonprofits. I was surprised at the number of adults I knew growing up, but was unaware of the impact and knowledge they gave to industry and community groups. The “5 TO THRIVE” program gave me deeper connections with those leaders in the community.”

— Kevin Jansen, Vice President, Kendallville Park and Recreation Board